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@ortega_science <3 When are we going to talk about chaos and entropy?6 years ago
RT @ortega_science: Happy to be invited by @47Schema to discuss "what is life?" with an amazing mix of artists and scientists. #LifeInTheSh6 years ago
@ortega_science doing science! Preparing samples from mono lake to look for unconventional life… years ago
Checking out our girl @StickOnImprint's reel. Exciting things starting soon! 🎨 ❎ 🔬… years ago
How can you see what can't be seen? Absentee - mirror, wood and helmet by E Aron Kang… years ago
<3 <3 Schema47 gets a mention via the premier of Prudence's amazing new song! years ago
When design meets neuroscience via @verge6 years ago
art and science as avatars of human creativity - Mae Jemison6 years ago
Teaching art and science together. A TED talk 14 years old but still so relevant! years ago